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roots Education JournalWelcome to the online archive of Roots, the education review for botanic gardens.

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Publication Year: 
Dec 1999: Ethnobotanical Education Beyond the Garden by Edelmira Linares, Elia Herrera, Robert Bye, Clarisa Jiménez & Patricia Novoa
Dec 1999: The Resurgence of Ethnobotany in Europe by Sue Minter
Dec 1999: Ethnobotany from a Native American Perspective: Restoring Our Relationship with the Earth by Dr Thomas M. Alcoze
Dec 1999: Munching a Prehistoric Snack in Italy! by F. Rigobella
Dec 1999: Plants Intertwined with Culture by Dr I. Wayan Sumantera
Dec 1999: Seeking Partnerships to Teach Biodiversity: A Story Based Approach To Teaching by T. Walker & L. Allen
Dec 1999: Desert Keepsakes by Carlos R. Ponce
Dec 1999: Etnobotanica Y Educacion En El Jardín Botánico Regional-Cicy by V. Franco & R. Orellano
Jul 1999: Tourism Role Play by L. Sutherland
Jul 1999: The Search for Funding - Strategies for Success by P. Wyse-Jackson
Jul 1999: Pot Luck Sessions at Dunedin Botanic Gardens by Anon.
Jul 1999: More Than a Walk in the Park?: Demonstration Carts Personalize Interpretation by S. Mintz & S. Rode
Jul 1999: Green Guides - in Sydney Botanic Garden by Janelle Hatherley
Jul 1999: Volunteers in Education and Interpretation - The American Experience by I. Darwin Edwards
Jul 1999: Ecotourism - Fad or Future for Tourism? by D. Morgan
Jul 1999: Access to the People by Dr R. K. Roy
Jul 1999: INBioparque-Learning While Recreating by Natalia Zamora
Jul 1999: Botanic Gardens and the Public Understanding of Science: a Management Framework by Alice Hague