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roots Education JournalWelcome to the online archive of Roots, the education review for botanic gardens.

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Publication Year: 
Jul 1994: Changing Places by Malcom Cox & Ian Edwards
Jul 1994: Kew On Wheels by S. Hughes
Jul 1994: Juego de Insectos by Ana Laura López Escamilla and Patricia Olguín
Jul 1994: Grey To Green; The Greening of South Africa's Townships by B. Low
Jul 1994: Los Estuches Educativos Portatiles by Linares, E., Herrendez, C., Balcuzar, T., Herrera, L
Jul 1994: Bronx Green-Up by T. Keller
Jul 1994: Environmental Education in Botanic Gardens - Guidelines for Developing Individual Strategies by J. Willison
Jul 1994: Education Outreach Unit at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, UK by Sharon Hughes
Jul 1994: Education Programmes at Limbe Botanic Garden, Cameroon - Model Solutions by O.T. Bannavti
Jul 1994: Sydney's Royal Botanic Gardens Goes West by Noila Berglund
Jul 1994: A Biodiversity Card Game by Adam Adamou