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BGCNews Archive

Welcome to the online archive of BGCNews, which ran until December 2003.

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BGCNews was changed to BGjournal in 2004. You can browse the BGjournal archives online here.

Publication Year: 
Dec 2001: The Principles on Access to Genetic Resources and Benefit-Sharing: A Pilot Project for Botanic Gardens by China Williams
Dec 2001: Summary of the International Review of the Ex Situ Plant Collections of the Botanic Gardens of the World by Anon.
Dec 2001: New Plant Conservation Initiative at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens: the Potomac Valley Collection by K. Tomlinson & M. N. Christmus
Dec 2001: Global Strategy for Plant Conservation Supported by Biodiversity Convention’s Scientific and Technical Advisory Body (SBSTTA) by Peter S. Wyse Jackson
Dec 2001: The Balkan Botanic Garden in the Kroussia Mountains, Greece by Eleni Maloupa
Jun 2001: The Conservation of the Diversity of Nelumbo (Lotus) at the National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow (India) by Anil Goel, S.C Sharma and A.N Sharga
Jun 2001: Support for the Conservation of Endemic Pacific Palms Through Ex Situ Collections at the National Tropical Botanical Garden (NTBG), Hawaii, U.S.A by Melany H Chapin, David H Lorence, Steve Perlman and K.R Wood
Jun 2001: Belo Horizonte Zoobotanic Foundation, Brazil – Creation of a Botanic Garden by Fernando M. Fernandes
Feb 2001: The Tallinn Botanical Garden in Estonia – 40 years old by Heldur Sander
Feb 2001: The Conservatoire Botanique National de Mascarin - Plant Conservation in Action on La Réunion Island (Indian Ocean) by Jean-Yves Meyer
Feb 2001: The Role of Russian Botanic Gardens in the Study and Development of Economic Plants by Yu. N. Gorbunov
Feb 2001: An International Secretariat for the Rescue of Plants – A Proposal by Jean Yves Lesouef
Feb 2001: Opening of a Native Plant Garden, New Zealand by Steve Benham
Feb 2001: The Roxby Downs Arboretum, South Australia by John Zwar
Feb 2001: Report of the XII International Conference of the International Association of Botanic Gardens (IABG) by Anon.