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Welcome to the online archive of BGCNews, which ran until December 2003.

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Publication Year: 
Dec 2000: Report of the 1st World Botanic Gardens Congress, Asheville, U.S.A. by Peter S. Wyse Jackson
Dec 2000: Luxembourg Kirchberg Arboretum by Thierry Helminger
Dec 2000: The Çukurova University Botanical Garden, Turkey by Prof. Dr. Erdogan Gültekin
Dec 2000: Vietnam Conservation Project: Protection and Sustainable Use of Plant Resources by Fiona Dennis
Dec 2000: The International Undertaking on Plant Genetic Resources: Its Relevance to Botanic Gardens by Brigitte Laliberté, Jan Engels and Cary Fowler
Dec 2000: New Signage for Outside Collections in the Montet Botanic Garden, Nancy, France by Romaric Pierrel
Dec 2000: Regional ex situ Biodiversity Conservation Programmes at the Botanic Garden of the Tver State University, Russia by Y. V. Naumtsev
Dec 2000: Launch of the International Agenda for Botanic Gardens in Conservation by Peter S. Wyse Jackson
Jun 2000: Plant Conservation Initiatives in the Auckland Regional Botanic Garden, New Zealand by Steve Benham
Jun 2000: Fruit Germplasm Collection at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia by Normah M. Noor & Mahani M. Clyde
Jun 2000: Conserving the Plants of the South-eastern Ukraine: the Role of the Donetsk Botanic Garden by A.Z. Gluckov
Jun 2000: The Garden Route Botanical Garden in George, South Africa by Yvette van Wijk and Claire Wallace
Jun 2000: Primula Biodiversity Conservation in the Central Siberian Botanical Garden, Novosibirsk, Russia by Nataliya K. Kovtonyuk, Yurii V Ovchinnikov & Nickolai R. Bogatyrev
Jun 2000: Developing a Small Botanic Garden for a School: a Case Study from Pakistan by Amin U. Khan
Jun 2000: Botanic Garden’s Collections and the Convention on Biological Diversity by T. Sampaio Pereira
Jun 2000: Plans for a Botanical Garden in the Czech Republic by Roman Pavela & Váklava Pesková
Jun 2000: NBRI: A National Institute for Conservation and Exploitation of Plants in India by R.K Roy
Jun 2000: Report on EuroGard 2000 - 2nd European Botanic Gardens Congress by Judith Cheney
Jun 2000: EuroGard 2000 - Congress Conclusions and Recommendations by Judith Cheney