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Publication Year: 
Dec 1999: World Botanic Gardens Congress by Anon.
Dec 1999: Edible Caterpillars and their Food Plants in Bas Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo by Paul Latham
Dec 1999: Development of Medicinal Plant Gardens in Aburi, Ghana by Fiona Dennis & George Owusu-Afriyie
Dec 1999: Experimentation on a Large Scale – an Analysis of the Holdings and Resources of Botanic Gardens by Peter S. Wyse Jackson
Dec 1999: Keeping Botanical Gardens Relevant - The Singapore Botanic Gardens Experience by Tan Wee Kiat
Dec 1999: Labelling our Collections - Results of a Survey by Rhoda Maurer
Dec 1999: World's Biodiversity Becoming Extinct at Levels Rivalling Earth's Past "Mass Extinctions" by Dr Peter Raven
Dec 1999: Conservation of Southern Indian Ferns by V.S. Manickam
Dec 1999: BGCI Wins New Funding for Russian Botanic Gardens to Support Biodiversity Conservation by Fiona Dennis, Peter S. Wyse Jackson, John Landell Mills; Dr Igor Smirnov.
Dec 1999: Strategies for Survival: Ex Situ Plant Conservation - Report of a Research Symposium Held at the Chicago Botanic Garden by K. Havens, E. Guerrant & M. Maunder
Dec 1999: BGCI (U.S.) Inc. - Building the Resources of the American BGCI Network by Rhonda Poe
Jun 1999: Plant Conservation and Information Management for Botanic Gardens in Colombia: A Project Report for 1998-99 by Hernando García
Jun 1999: Report of a Workshop to Revive the Migombani Botanical Garden, Zanzibar by Sanjay K. Raja
Jun 1999: The Convention to Combat Desertification: A Case Study from China by Anon.
Jun 1999: World Heritage Convention by Anon.
Jun 1999: Agenda 21: Programme of Action for Sustainable Development by Anon.
Feb 1999: A Review of International Conventions Which Affect the Work of Botanic Gardens by Anon.
Feb 1999: Observations on the Propagation of Cupressus dupreziana Camus, an Endemic Saharan Gymnosperm by Rob Nicholson, Garcia Bibiana, Bailo McDaniel & Cary MacRay
Feb 1999: The Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar) by Anon.