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Welcome to the online archive of BGCNews, which ran until December 2003.

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Publication Year: 
Dec 1997: The Solanaceae Germplasm Bank at the Botanical Garden of Nijmegen by Barendse, Gerard W.M. (Director), and van der Weerden, Gerard M.(Curator)
Dec 1997: The Millennium Seed Bank Project by S.H. Linington
Dec 1997: The Seed Program at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden by Michael Wall
Dec 1997: Aegean University Botanical Garden by Prof.Dr.Güven Görk
Dec 1997: "Sharing the Vision": A Report from the Third National Conference of the ANPC by Jeanette Mill & Lyn Meredith
Dec 1997: Saving Seeds for the Future - the Seed Bank at Berry Botanic Garden by Edward Guerrant and Linda McMahan
Dec 1997: A Genebank for Western Australia's Threatened Flora by Anne Cochrane
Dec 1997: The Desert Legume Program: Legumes From the World's Dry Lands by Matthew B. Johnson
Dec 1997: Seed Conservation Research: IPGRI's Strategies and Activities by H. Fassil & J Engels
Dec 1997: The UPM Seed Bank in Madrid (Spain) by Prof. César Gómez-Campo
Dec 1997: The Sóller Botanic Garden Seed Bank by Magdalena M. Vicens
Dec 1997: The Seed Bank for Native Plants in Cultivation at the Main Botanical Garden of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow by Prof. Valentina L. Tikhonova and Dr Igor A. Smirnov
Dec 1997: Developing an In-Country Capacity for Biodiversity Conservation in Haiti: The Haitian Botanical Foundation by Suzanne Michal & Peter Wyse Jackson
Dec 1997: Seed Conservation at the National Botanic Garden of Belgium by I. T. Vanderborght
Dec 1997: Botanic Garden Seed Banks/Genebanks Worldwide, their Facilities, Collections and Networks by Laliberté, Brigitte
Nov 1997: Rio de Janeiro Botanic Garden's Conservation Unit and Seed Desiccation Tolerance Research by T. S. Pereira
Jul 1997: Botanical Garden of the Kyrgis Academy of Sciences, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan by Dr Vitali P. Krivoruchko
Jul 1997: Report on Euroguard 97 by Peter S. Wyse Jackson, Esteban Hernández Bermejo, & David Rae.
Jul 1997: An African Rain Forest in a South African Botanical Garden by Johan Kluge & John Burrows.
Jul 1997: The Introduction Nursery for Food, Crop and Medicinal Plants at the Komarov Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Its Role in the Conservation of Biodiversity by K.G Tkachenko, I.A Pautova and M.M Korobova
Jul 1997: The Cycad Collection of Vumba Botanical Garden, Zimbabwe by Elisha Murimba
Jul 1997: eurogard97 - Reports from the Plenary Sessions by Anon.
Jul 1997: Computer Software Systems for Botanic Gardens in Russia by Peter S. Wyse Jackson & Igor A. Smirnov
Jul 1997: Information Needed About the Aardvark Cucumber (Cucumis humofructus) by Jeremy Hollmann
Jul 1997: Allium regelianum A. Beck. - a Rare Russian Endemic by Gennady A. Firsov
Jul 1997: Traditional Methods of Conserving Medicinal Plants in Zimbabwe by S. Mavi & S. Shava
Jul 1997: Botanic Gardens and the Convention on Biological Diversity by Peter S. Wyse Jackson
Jun 1997: Alice Springs Desert Park - Australia's First Biopark by Mark Richardson