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Welcome to the online archive of BGCNews, which ran until December 2003.

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Publication Year: 
Dec 1996: Report from the 4th International Technical Conference on Plant Genetic Resources by Anon.
Dec 1996: The Xinjiang Service Center for Scientific Expeditions (XSCSE), China by Ou Yong Liu Wenjiang
Dec 1996: Can We Conserve the Palms of Haiti? - a Search for Copernicia ekmanii and Attalea crassispatha by C. Hubbuch & S. Michal
Dec 1996: Georgia Plant Conservation Alliance Formed by J. Affolter & J. Ceska
Dec 1996: Turpan Eremophyte Botanic Garden, Academia Sinica, China by Pan Borong
Dec 1996: The Lancetilla Botanical Garden and Research Center in Honduras by Anon.
Dec 1996: News from Chinese Botanic Gardens by Li Mei
Dec 1996: Notes on the Collection of the Arboretum Borova Hora, Slovakia and its Approach to Genetic Conservation by Juraj Labanc
Dec 1996: The Botanical Gardens of Zaire and the Present State of Biodiversity in Zaire by Kibungu Kembelo
Dec 1996: Nairobi Botanic Garden: a Call for Support by The Director, National Museums of Kenya
Dec 1996: Frerea indica Dalz. an Endangered Palaeoendemic Moving Towards Extinction: an Attempt at ex situ Conservation by Mamgain, S.K., Goel, A.K., Sharma, S.C.
Dec 1996: The Philippine Bambusetum by F.M. Schlegel & F.T. Tangan
Dec 1996: The Sancti Spiritus Botanic Garden in Cuba by Anon.
Dec 1996: A Rescue Plan for the Threatened Tree Fern Thicket of Diana's Peak National Park, St Helena by Doug Smith
Jun 1996: Arboretum of the Forest-Technical Academy in St Petersburg, Russia by N.E. Buligin and G.A. Firsov
Jun 1996: The Dendrological Garden of the Arkhangelsk Forest and Forest Chemistry Institute by Natalia A. Demidova
Jun 1996: Experiments on the Introduction of Syringa pinnatifolia Hemsl. var. alashanensis and Acer stenolobum Rehd. var. megalophyllum in Mongolia by Tong Chengren, Sha Ren, and Ji Meng
Jun 1996: A Botanic Garden of the Mediterranean Islands by M. Magdalena Vicens
Jun 1996: Plant Collection Policies - are Guidelines Needed? by David Rae
Jun 1996: Euphorbia epiphylloides Kurz - A Rare and Endemic Succulent of the Andamans, Needing Conservation by P.V. Sreekumar, S.K. Mitra, and Tarun Coomar
Jun 1996: Proposals for the Reconstruction of the Zemaljski Museum and the Botanic Garden, Sarajevo by Anon.
Jun 1996: Report on the III Symposium of the Iberian-Macaronesian Association of Botanic Gardens by Margarita Clemente Muñoz
Jun 1996: Shenzhen Fairy Lake Botanical Garden - Past, Present and Future by Chen Tan-qing, Li Pei-qiong and Wang Yong-jin
Jun 1996: Lokrum Botanic Garden - an Interesting Collection of Australian Myrtaceae by Sanja Kovavĉić
Jun 1996: Restoration of the Curvilinear Range of the National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin by Anon.
Jun 1996: Darwin Initiative for the Survival of Species Supports BGCI by Anon
Feb 1996: The Botanical Garden, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore by K.R. Geetha