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Publication Year: 
Dec 1994: Conservation Assessment and Management Plan for St Helena: a Collaborative Workshop by Mike Maunder, Alastair Culham, Ulysses S. Seal, & Paul Pearce-Kelly
Dec 1994: Ex situ Conservation of Plant Biodiversity at Amritsar, India by I.S. Grover, A.K. Thukral and G.S. Virk
Dec 1994: Botanic Gardens in Bolivia: A Luxury or a Contribution to the Development of Bolivia? by Pierre & Claudia Ibisch and Stephan G. Beck
Dec 1994: Fern Research in Northern Thailand by M.L Charuphant Thongtham
Dec 1994: Botanic Garden Developments in Indonesia by Peter S. Wyse Jackson
Dec 1994: The Botanic Garden of the Irkutsk State University by Victor Ya.Kuzevanov
Dec 1994: The Botanic Garden of The University of Padua 1545-1995 by Prof. Elsa M. Cappelletti
Dec 1994: Cultivating Conservation - A Conference Report from Hobart, Australia by Jock Morse
Dec 1994: Saigon Botanic Garden - The First Botanic Garden in Vietnam by Nguyen Nghia Thin
Dec 1994: Gartnertausch - The Exchange Programme of Technical and Horticultural Staff of the Hamburg Botanical Garden by Hans-Helmut Poppendiek, Yuri Smirnoff, Michael Avishai, Juan Gaviria
Dec 1994: Studies on Propagation Techniques of Camellia luteoflora Y.K. Li ex H.T. Chang & F.A. Zeng by Tian-cai Zou, Shao-gang Zhang, Zhu-lin Zhang, and Hongying Zhou.
Dec 1994: European Botanic Gardens - New Joint Actions for Conservation by Blaise Du Puy & Peter Wyse Jackson
Dec 1994: The Development of the Mae Sa Botanical Garden, Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand by Anon
May 1994: The Nairobi Arboretum, Kenya - a Tree Walk by Friends of Nairobi Arboretum (FONA)
May 1994: Malabar Daffodil Orchid, Ipsea malabarica, on the Verge of Extinction by C. Sathish Kumar & P. Pushpangadan
May 1994: Limbe Botanic Garden, Cameroon by Anon.
May 1994: Report on the Colloquium "Nature and Botanical Gardens for the 21st Century" by Pierre-André Loizeau
May 1994: Plants That Save Lives: a Report from an International Symposium on Medicinal Plants by Brooks Mullahy
May 1994: Tropical Botanic Garden and Research Institute (TBGRI), Pacha-Palode, Trivandrum, India by Nelson, Carl
May 1994: Ringve Botanical Garden, Norway - 20 Years Anniversary by Arne Rosvik
May 1994: Preserving Southern Indian Pteridophytes by W.D. Theuerkauf
May 1994: Botanic Gardens and Plant Conservation in India by Anon.
May 1994: The Palm Pritchardia munroi: Attempts to Save a Species from Extinction by Shirley Gerum
May 1994: The Holden Arboretum and its Intern Programme by Bruce Cubberley
May 1994: Rapport Sur le Colloque by Pierre-André Loizeau
May 1994: The National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI) Botanic Garden - a National Facility for India by S.C. Sharma & Anil K. Goel
May 1994: Invasive Plants in Tropical Forests: Warnings from the Amani Botanic Gardens, Tanzania by D. Sheil
May 1994: The Entebbe Botanic Gardens, Uganda by Doroth Ouchi Ssekadde
May 1994: First Indian National Conference and Workshop on Ethnopharmacology by Professor P. Pushpangadan