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Welcome to the online archive of BGCNews, which ran until December 2003.

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Publication Year: 
Jul 1993: Comments on the Conservation of Sophora toromiro Skottsb., from Easter Island by Stöcker Christensen, S. & Schlätzer, G.
Jul 1993: Ex situ Conservation of Wild Plants in Beijing Botanical Garden, China by Zhang Zhiming
Jul 1993: Rio '92 Feedback - An Analysis of the Responses to a Questionnaire by Etelka Leadlay
Jul 1993: The Experience of Foresters in Re-establishment and Habitat Restoration by A.J. Pottinger
Jul 1993: Rooting Torreya taxifolia, an Endangered Conifer of the Florida Panhandle by Rob Nicholson
Jul 1993: Workshop Conclusions of the Third International Botanic Gardens Conservation Congress by Anon.
Jul 1993: Sustainable Management of Chewing Sticks at the Okomu Wildlife Sanctuary, Nigeria by Sylvester S. Orhiere
Jul 1993: The Quito Botanic Garden, Ecuador by Juan Del Hierro
Jul 1993: Exhibition on Chilean Flora and Vegetation in the Palmengarten at Frankfurt/Main, Germany by Georg Zizka
Jul 1993: De-Accessions Policy for Plant Collections: Responsibility Versus Practicality by David Rae
Jul 1993: Cultivating Green Awareness: Report from the 2nd International Congress on Education in Botanic Gardens by Julia Willison
Jul 1993: Bali's Botanic Garden, Indonesia by Dr. Wayan Sumantera
Jul 1993: Developing the BGCI Database on Botanic Gardens and their Collections Worldwide by Etelka Leadlay, Diane Wyse Jackson and Peter Wyse Jackson