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International Association of Botanic Gardens (IABG)

The IABG was formed in 1954 and is a worldwide organisation being affiliated to the International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS) as a commission of the International Association of Botanical and Mycological Societies (IABMS).

The aims of IABG are:

  • to promote international cooperation between botanic gardens, arboreta and similar institutes maintaining scientific collections of living plants
  • to promote the study of taxonomy of plants to benefit the world community
  • to promote documentation and exchange of information, living plants and specimens between botanic gardens and similar institutes
  • to promote the conservation of plants through cultivation and other means within botanic gardens and similar institutes
  • to promote the introduction to cultivation of appropriate plants of benefit to the community
  • to promote habitat conservation by cooperation between IABG and other relevant bodies
  • to promote horticulture as an art and science.
The aims of IABG are pursued by means of publications, committee work, holding meetings and symposia and contact through regionally autonomous groups having representation on the IABG Council.

All botanic gardens, arboreta or other institutes and their staff are eligible for membership of IABG through the various regional groups in Europe, Ibero-Macaronesia, Latin America, Australasia-Oceania, E. Asia, with AABGA providing a corresponding service to institutions in North America.

The Constitution of IABG was revised and ratified in Frankfurt in 1987.


International Association of Botanic Gardens (IABG)
Mem. Sun Yat-Sen
P.O. Box 1435
210014 Jiangsu
Tel: +86-25-4871026
Fax: +86-25-4871026
Contact: Prof He Shanan (President) Nanjing Botanical Garden (Former Director)

International Association of Botanic Gardens (IABG)
Jardín Botánico de Córdoba
Avda de Linneo, s/n
14004 Córdoba
Tel: +34-957-203154
Fax: +34-957-295333
Contact: J.E. Hernández Bermejo (General Secretary)