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Latest Publications

Essential reading for anyone concerned about threats to the world's plants, these key publications are available for free PDF download or in print for a small fee to cover admin costs.

Our latest status reports and other key publications, are here to provide everyone from government to concerned gardeners with information on plant threats and recommendations for action to secure floral diversity.

Plants and climate change:which future?

In 2008 we published a major new report; 'Plants and climate change: which future'. The report details how plants and climate change are intimately connected, and explains why it is crucially important for us to act now to save the world’s plants.


Plants for Life: Medicinal Plants Under Threat

BGCI has published the findings of a year-long investigation into the state of medicinal plants around the world.


Red List of the Magnoliaceae

The Red List of the Magnoliaceae, published jointly by Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) and Fauna & Flora International (FFI), through the Global Trees Campaign (GTC), identifies 131 wild magnolias as being in danger of extinction, from a global total of 245 species.


Gran Canaria Declaration on Climate Change and Plant Conservation

In issuing its ‘Gran Canaria Declaration on Climate Change and Plant Conservation’ the Gran Canaria Group, whose membership includes many botanic gardens around the world, calls on the international community to take urgent action to protect global plant diversity.


Botanic Gardens: Using Biodiversity to Improve Human Well-being

A report has been launched by BGCI on the role of botanic gardens in using plant diversity to improve human well-being. It features case studies from botanic gardens around the world and is available to all in PDF format.



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4 November 2005
The Darwin Technical Manual
Everything you could want to know about starting and running a botanic garden is contained in this unique resource. Written in collaboration with 87 people from 22 countries, it is available in French, Spanish and English. New BGCI Members are given the Manual along with lots of other key resources.
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