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Roots Previous Issues: 7-27; 1.1 - 2.2

NB - please note that Roots 7-16 are large files, about 20 MB, and will take a while to download - please be patient.


Roots 2:2 - Master Planning for Education PDF 1.6MB

Roots 2:1 - International Agendas: Implications for Botanic Gardens PDF 1.4 MB

Roots 1:2 - Botanic Gardens and Zoos: Synergies for the Future PDF 740 KB

Roots 1:1 - Ecotourism and Botanic Gardens PDF 2.3MB

Roots 27 – Teaching Ecological Concepts PDF 875kb

Roots 26 – Planting for Education PDF 832kb

Roots 25 – Networking and Partnerships PDF 944kb

Roots 24 – Interpretation PDF 806kb

Roots 23 – Sustainability for the Future PDF 738kb

Roots 22 – Environmental Ethics PDF 1.8MB

Roots 21- Evaluation PDF 796kb

Roots 20 – 4th International Congress on Education in Botanic Gardens PDF 635kb

Roots 19 – Ethnobotany PDF 777kb

Roots 18 – Public and Adult Education PDF 585kb

Roots 17 – Education for Sustainability PDF 433kb

Roots 16 – Focus on Africa PDF 18.0MB

Roots 15 – Environmental Education Research PDF 19.7MB

Roots 14 – Habitats PDF 17.6MB

Roots 13 – Science PDF 17.8MB

Roots 12 – Mixed Themes PDF 18.2MB

Roots 11 – Teacher Training PDF 18.6MB

Roots 10 – Exhibitions PDF 14.2MB

Roots 9 – Outreach Programmes PDF 18.4MB

Roots 8 – Gardens for Education PDF 15.4MB

Roots 7 – Interpretive Signs PDF 14.9MB

Roots Index to issues 1 - 20 1.35MB
Index to organisations, people, meetings, subjects, resources and places.
Index to article authors and guest editors. 

Roots index to issues 20-27 and Volumes 1 - 4 1.3MB


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