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Who Are BGCI Members?

BGCI is a membership organisation. At present we have over 700 members in 118 countries. You can join us in our global efforts to ensure plants are protected from the many threats facing them today.

BGCI members encompass everything from large botanic gardens of international importance to individuals who are interested in gardens. You can find BGCI Members worldwide using our Garden Search.

Many of our institution members are not strictly botanic gardens but find our resources valuable - for example, zoos, universities and genetic resource holders.

Often, a professional may wish to receive their own copies of any of our journals, in which case they can choose one of the individual membership packages. And for non-professionals who have a passion for plants and conservation, and want to support our work, we offer Friends Membership.

Join BGCI as an institution

Join BGCI as an individual

Institution membership is suitable
for botanic gardens and all kinds
of plant and conservation-related
organisations. Find out more

Individual membership is for
anyone wishing to receive their
own copy of any of our three
Journals, or wishing to support
plant conservation. Find out more


BGCI members receive many benefits. Our regular journals are sent to members and we offer discounts on BGCI congresses and occassional publications.

But much more important, although less directly tangible, are the benefits of being part of the world's largest plant conservation network. Chance meetings, contacts we offer, encouragement, advice and support - all this adds up to a valuable and unique service for anyone working in the conservation of living plants.