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BGCI and botanic garden networks

BGCI’s head office is located at RBG, Kew in London.  From this base, BGCI works with staff and partners around the world to maintain a global network for plant conservation.

The importance of forming networks for conservation cannot be underestimated. Partnerships with local communities can support gardens with volunteers and funding. National networks of botanic gardens help gardens work together to share information and co-ordinate a united role in the country. Partnerships with bodies that have a complementary mission increase support for conservation initiatives.


Our work in Africa

Botanic garden networks in Africa


BGCI Canada 


Our work in Central and South America

Botanic garden networks in the Americas


BGCI in Chinese

BGCI in Japanese

Our work in China

Our work in southeast Asia

Botanic garden networks in southeast Asia


Botanic garden networks in Australasia


BGCI pages in Russian

Our work in this region


Our work in Europe

Jardin Botaniques de France network, hosted by BGCI

Botanic garden networks in Europe


Global Island Plant Conservation Network (GIPCN)


Regional Botanic Garden Networks



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Communication for Development
The Communication Initiative (The CI) network is an interactive website for economic and social development and change. They initiate dialogue and debate, and provide a forum for development workers to support each other, supported by online resources.

PlantNetwork, is the Britain and Ireland network of botanic gardens, arboreta and other documented plant collections. Acitivites include promoting botanical collections in Britain and Ireland as a national resource for research, conservation and education.

Global Biodiversity Information Facility
Biodiversity and biodiversity information are essential to a sustainable future for society. GBIF is making recorded knowledge about biodiversity available to everyone using the Internet. Anyone with records of biodiversity can send data into GBIF to help build an online image of life on earth.

Indian Botanic Gardens Network
At present there may be over 150 botanic gardens in India. The size and activity of the gardens varies greatly. Many of the early botanic gardens in India, such as the Howrah Garden in Kolkata, were established for the purpose of introducing and acclimatizing economically important plants.