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Found 65 botanic gardens.

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# Institution Name City State
1 Oita Research Station Beppu
2 Kemigawa Arboretum Chiba
3 Ecological Park Chiba city Chiba prefecture
4 Keisei Rose Nurseries Inc. Chiba-ken
5 Enoshima Tropical Plants Garden Enoshima
6 Fukuoka Municipal Botanical Garden Fukuoka
7 Herbal Garden of Gifu Pharmaceutical University Gifu
8 Asakawa Experimental Forest Hachioji
9 Tama Forest Science Garden Hachioji Tokyo
10 Hakone Botanical garden of Wetlands Hakone
11 Hamamatsu City Flower Park Hamamatsu
12 Wakayama Experimental Station of Medicinal Plants Hidakagun
13 Setsunan University Medicinal Plants Garden Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Hirakata Osaka
14 The Hiroshima Botanical Garden Hiroshima
15 Himeji City Tegarayama Botanical Garden Hyo-go Hyogo
16 Hyogo Prefectural Awaji Farm Park Hyogo
17 Hyogo Prefecture Flower Center Hyogo
18 Tsukuba Botanical Garden Ibaraki
19 Kagoshima Botanical Garden Kagoshima
20 Jungle Park Kamo-gun
21 Botanical Garden Tokyo University of Agriculture, Kanagawa
22 Kanagawa Prefectural Ofuna Botanical Garden Kanagawa
23 Botanic Garden of the Faculty of Science Kanazawa
24 Botanical Garden of Kawaguchi-City Kawaguchi City
25 Kobe Municipal Arboretum Kobe
26 The Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden Kobe
27 Medicinal Plant Garden Kobe-City Hyogo
28 The Makino Botanical Garden Kochi
29 Orchid Resort Dogashima Komo-Gun Shizukoka
30 The Aritaki Arboretum Koshigaya
31 Tanegashima Medicinal Plant Research Station Kumage-gun
32 Medicinal Plants Garden Kumamoto
33 Kusatsu Aquatic Botanical Garden Kusatsu Shiga
34 Mizunomori Water Botanical Garden Kusatsu Shiga Prefecture
35 Kyoto Takeda Herbal Garden Kyoto
36 Nippon Shinyaku Co., Ltd (The Nippon Shinyaku Institute for Botanical Research) Kyoto
37 The Kyoto Botanical Garden Kyoto
38 Kubota Palm Garden Masaki
39 Izu Experimental Station of Medicinal Plants Minamiizu
40 The Miyajima Natural Botanical Garden Miyajima
41 Sasebo City Subtropical Zoological and Botanical Gardens Nagasaki
42 Higashiyama Botanical Garden Nagoya
43 Atagawa Tropical & Alligator Garden Naramoto
44 Hokkaido Experimental Station of Medicinal Plants Nayoro
45 Awaji Farm Park Nigawa
46 Niigata Prefectural Botanical Garden Niigata City
47 Nikko Botanical Gardens Nikko
48 Handayama Botanical Garden Okayama
49 South East Botanical Gardens Okinawa
50 Botanical Garden of Osaka City University Osaka
51 Kosobe Conservatory Osaka
52 The Botanic Garden Sapporo
53 Botanical Garden of Tohoku University Sendai Miyagi
54 Medicinal Plant Garden Shinagawa ku Tokyo
55 Fuji Bamboo Garden Shizuoka-ken
56 Botanical Laboratories Tokyo
57 Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden Tokyo
58 Tokyo Metropolitan Jindai Botanical Garden Tokyo
59 Tokyo Metropolitan Medicinal Plants Garden Tokyo
60 University of Tokyo Botanical Gardens Tokyo
61 Yumenoshima Tropical Plant Dome Tokyo
62 Botanic Gardens of Toyama Toyama city Toyama
63 Medicinal Plants Research Station Tsukuba
64 BiosHill - Ran No Sato Okinawa Uruma-City Okinawa
65 Yokohama Municipal Children's Botanical Garden Yokohama