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Found 167 botanic gardens.

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# Institution Name City State
1 Shangri-la Alpine Botanic Garden (SABG) Yunnan Province
2 Shing Mun Arboretum (Hong Kong) Hong Kong SAR
3 Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden Hainan Province
4 Baoji Botanical Garden (Shaanxi) Baoji Shaanxi
5 Baotou Horticulture & Tree Gardening Research Institute (Inner Mongolia) Baotou Inner Mongolia
6 Beijing Blue Cloud Information Technology Co., Ltd Beijing
7 Beijing Forestry University Botanic Garden Beijing Beijing
8 Beijing Medical University Botanic Garden Beijing Beijing
9 Beijing Medicinal Garden Beijing
10 Baili Azalea Nature Reserve of Guizhou Province Bijie Guizhou
11 Changchun Forest Botanic Garden, Jilin Changchun Jilin
12 Central South University of Forestry and Technology Changsha Hunan
13 Hunan Forest Botanical Garden Changsha Hunan
14 Chengdu Arboretum (Sichuan) Chengdu Sichuan
15 Chengdu Botanical Garden (Sichuan) Chengdu Sichuan
16 Emeishan Botanical Garden Chengdu Sichuan
17 West China Subalpine Botanical Garden (Sichuan) Chengdu Sichuan
18 Chongqing Medicinal Plants Botanic Garden Chongqing
19 Jinyunshan Botanical Garden (Chongqing) Chongqing Chongqing
20 Nanshan Botanical Garden Chongqing Chongqing
21 Chongqing Ornamental Plant Garden Chongqing, Jiangbei County Sichuan
22 Beijing Teaching Botanical Garden Chongwen Beijing
23 Seac Pai Van Park, Macao Coloane Macau
24 Botanical Garden of Dalian Dalian Liaoning
25 Hainan Botanical Garden of Tropical Economic Plants Danxian Hainan
26 Chinese Academy of Tropical Agriculture Sciences (Hainan) Danzhou Hainan
27 Dengkou Psammophyte Botanical Garden (Inner Mongolia) Dengkou Inner Mongolia
28 Dezhou Botanical Garden (Shangdong) Dezhou Shandong
29 Weixi Snow Hilly Botanical Garden (Yunnan) Diqing Yunnan
30 Dongguan Institute of Forestry Science Dongguan City Guangdong Province
31 Dongguan Botanic Garden Dougguan City Guangdong Province
32 Emei Mountain Rare Botanical Garden Emei Mountain, Leshan Sichuan Province
33 Dagangshan Arboretum (Jiangxi) Fenyi Jiangxi
34 Research Institute of Subtropical Forestry (Zhejiang) Fuyang Zhejiang
35 Fuzhou Arboretum Fuzhou Fujian
36 Fuzhou Botanical Garden Fuzhou Fujian
37 Laizhou Rare and Endangered Species Arboretum (Xiamen) Fuzhou Fujian
38 Ocean Flower Island Botanical Garden Guangzhou Guangdong
39 South China Agricultural University Arboretum Guangzhou Guangdong
40 South China Botanical Garden, CAS Guangzhou Guangdong
41 Guilin Botanical Garden Guilin Guangxi
42 Arboretum of Guizhou Institute of Forestry Science Guiyang Guizhou
43 Guiyang Medicinal Botanical Garden Guiyang Guizhou
44 Guizhou Botanical Garden Guiyang Guizhou
45 Botanic Garden of Beijing University Haidian Beijing
46 Institute of Medicinal Plant Development (Beijing) Haidian Beijing
47 The Botanical Garden (Chinese Academy of Forestry, Beijing) Haidian Beijing
48 Zhongguancun Botanical Garden (Beijing) Haidian Beijing
49 Botanical Garden of the Zhejiang Agricultural University Hangzhou Zhejiang
50 Hangzhou Medicinal Herb Garden (Zhejiang) Hangzhou Zhejiang
51 Zhejiang Bamboo Botanical Garden Hangzhou Zhejiang
52 Hangzhou Botanical Garden Hangzhou City Zhejiang Province
53 Hangzhou Tianjing Aquatic Plant Garden Hangzhou City Zhejiang Province
54 Zhejiang Forestry Academy Hangzhou City Zhejiang Province
55 Heilongjiang Forest Botanical Garden Harbin Heilongjiang
56 Botanical Garden of the Anhui Institute of Biology Hefei Anhui
57 Dashushan Botanical Garden Hefei Anhui
58 Hefei Botanical Garden Hefei Anhui
59 Forest Industry Bureau of Heilongjiang Province Heilongjiang Heilongjiang
60 Hunan Nanyue Arboretum Hengyang Hunan
61 Hohhot Arboretum Hohhot Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
62 Hohhot Botanical Garden Hohhot Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
63 Hohhot Landscape Research Institute Botanical Garden Hohhot Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
64 Hong Kong Zoological and Botanic Gardens Hong Kong
65 Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden Hong Kong Hong Kong SAR
66 Shing Mun Arboretum, AFCD Hong Kong Hong Kong SAR
67 Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens Hong Kong Island Hong Kong
68 Ocean Park Corporation (Hong Kong) Hong Kong Island Hong Kong
69 Huangshan Arboretum Huangshan Anhui
70 Hubei University of Nationalities Hubei
71 Golden Bay Botanical Garden Huimi Guangdong
72 Hunjiang Arboretum (Jilin) Hunjiang Jilin
73 Jinan Quancheng Park Jinan Shandong
74 Jingdong Subtropical Botanical Garden Jingdong Yunnan
75 Xishuangbanna Tropical Flowers Garden (Yunnan) Jinghong Yunnan
76 Xishuangbanna Tropical Medicinal Garden (Yunnan) Jinghong Yunnan
77 Kaiyuan Tropical Garden (Yunnan) Kaiyuan Yunnan
78 Hong Kong Herbarium Kowloon Hong Kong
79 Kunming Botanical Garden Kunming Yunnan
80 Kunming Horticultural Landscape Botanical Garden (Yunnan) Kunming Yunnan
81 Lanzhou Arboretum (Gansu) Lanzhou Gansu
82 Arboretum of Hainan Tropical Forestry Institute Ledong Hainan
83 Zhejiang Ecological Botanical Garden Linan Zhejiang
84 Dongfeng Forest Farm (Guizhou) Liping Guizhou
85 Jiulongshan National Nature Reserve Management Bureau, Zhejiang Province Lishui City Zhejiang Province
86 Luoyang Botanical Garden (Henan) Luoyang Henan
87 Luoyang National Paeonia Garden Luoyang Henan Province
88 Lushan Botanical Garden, Jiangxi Province and Chinese Academy of Sciences Lushan Jiangxi
89 Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, CAS Mengla Yunnan
90 Arboretum of Jiangxi Institute of Forestry Science Nanchang Jiangxi
91 Sichuan Medicinal Botanical Garden Nanchuan Sichuan
92 Arboretum of Nanjing Forestry University Nanjing Jiangsu
93 Nanjing Botanical Garden Mem. Sun Yat-sen Nanjing Jiangsu
94 Nanjing Botanical Garden of Medicinal Plants Nanjing Jiangsu
95 Arboretum of Guangxi Institute of Forestry Nanning Guangxi
96 Guangxi Botanical Garden of Medicinal Plants Nanning Guangxi
97 Nanning Arboretum Nanning Guangxi
98 Ningbo Botanical Garden Ningbo Zhejiang Province
99 Guangxi Karst Arboretum Pingxiang Guangxi
100 Daqingshan Lime Stone Arboretum Pingyang Guangxi
101 Xiashi Arboretum Pingyang Guangxi
102 Qingdao Botanical Garden (Shangdong) Qingdao Shandong
103 Arboretum Hainan Forestry Institute Qiongshan Hainan
104 Rudong Botanic Garden of Salt Tolerant Plants (Jiangsu) Rudong Jiangsu
105 Sanya Academy of Forestry Sanya City Hainan province
106 Taishan Botanic Garden Shandong Province
107 Medicinal Botanic Garden, Second Military Medical University (Shanghai) Shanghai Shanghai
108 Shanghai Botanical Garden Shanghai Shanghai
109 Gannan Arboretum of Jiangxi Shangyou Jiangxi
110 Institute of Applied Ecology, Arboretum Shenyang Liaoning
111 Shenyang Botanical Garden (Liaoning) Shenyang Liaoning
112 Shenyang College of Pharmacy Medicinal Plant Garden (Liaoning) Shenyang Liaoning
113 Shenyang Municipal Arboretum (Liaoning) Shenyang Liaoning
114 Botanical Garden, Longgang Shenzhen Guangdong
115 Fairylake Botanical Garden, Shenzhen & Chinese Academy of Sciences Shenzhen Guangdong
116 Shihezi Botanical Garden (Xinjiang) Shihezi Xinjiang
117 Shijiazhuang Botanical Garden Shijiazhuang Hebei
118 Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden Songjiang District, Shanghai Shanghai
119 Arboretum of Shandong College of Forestry (Shangdong) Taian Shandong
120 Maijishan Arboretum (Gansu) Tianshui Gansu
121 Xiaolongshan Arboretum (Gansu) Tianshui Gansu
122 Arboretum of Hainan Institute of Forestry Science Tunchang Hainan
123 Turpan Desert Botanic Garden Turpan Xinjiang
124 Urumqi Botanical Garden Urumqi Xinjiang
125 Xinglong Tropical Flowers Garden (Hainan) Wanning Hainan
126 Xinglong Tropical Garden (Hainan) Wanning Hainan
127 Three Gorges Botanical Garden (Yunnan) Wanzhou Yunnan
128 Wenzhou Botanical Garden Wenzhou Zhejiang
129 Wenzhou Botanical Garden (Zhejiang) Wenzhou Zhejiang
130 Yueqing Yandangshan Botanic Garden (Yandangshan National Forest Park) Wenzhou City Zhejiang Province
131 Arboretum of Wuhan University Wuchang Hubei
132 Wuhan Botanic Garden Wuchang Hubei
133 Donghu Lake Moshan Landscape Garden Wuhan Hubei
134 Wutaishan Arboretum (Shanxi) Wutai Shanxi
135 Minqin Garden of Desert Plants Wuwei Gansu
136 Taihu Botanic Garden, Wuxi (Jiangsu) Wuxi Jiangsu
137 Qinling National Botanical Garden Xi'an Shaanxi
138 Xi'an Botanical Garden Xi'an Shaanxi
139 Fujian Subtropical Economic Plant Institute Xiamen Fujian
140 Xiamen Botanical Garden Xiamen Fujian
141 Xiamen Overseas Chinese Subtropical Plant Introduction Garden Xiamen Fujian
142 Beijing (northern) Botanical Garden Xiangshan Beijing
143 Beijing (southern) Botanical Garden - Living Plants Xiangshan Beijing
144 Beijing (southern) Botanical Garden - Tissue Culture Xiangshan Beijing
145 Xiaoxing Anling Botanical Garden (Helongjiang) Xiaoxing Anling Heilongjiang
146 Xiji Arboretum (Ningxia) Xiji Ningxia
147 Xining Botanical Garden (Qinghai) Xining Qinghai
148 Xiongyue Arboretum Xiongyue Liaoning
149 Yanan Arboretum (Shaanxi) Yanan Shaanxi
150 Yanchi Arid Land Shrub Garden (Ningxia) Yanchi Ningxia
151 Changbaishan Botanical Garden (Jilin) Yanyan Jilin
152 Yichun Arboretum (Helongjiang) Yichun Heilongjiang
153 Yinchuan Botanical Garden (Ningxia) Yinchuan Ningxia
154 Yingkou Botanical Garden (Liaoning) Yingkou Liaoning
155 Montane Arboretum, Heilongtan (Shaanxi) Yulin Shaanxi
156 Woyun Civilian-run Botanical Garden (Shaanxi) Yulin Shaanxi
157 Yulin Psammophyte Botanical Garden (Shaanxi) Yulin Shaanxi
158 Shenzhou Magnolia Garden and Breeding Center Zhan Jiang, Tianhe District, Guangzhou Guangdong Province
159 Jinan Botanical Garden Zhangqiu City Shandong
160 South Subtropical Botanical Garden Zhanjiang Guangdong
161 West Guangdong Tropical Botanic Garden Zhanjiang Guangdong
162 Dinghushan National Nature Reserve Zhaoqing Guangdong
163 Botanical Garden at Zhengzhou Yellow River Scenic Area (Henan) Zhengzhou Henan
164 Henan Agricultural University Zhengzhou Henan
165 Shabotou Botanical Garden (Ningxia) Zhongwei Ningxia
166 Zhejiang Zhoushan Island Arboretum Zhoushan Zhejiang
167 Zhoushan Botanical Garden (Zhejiang) Zhoushan Zhejiang

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