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The Harris Garden

United Kingdom - Reading

Institution Code: RNG

International Agenda Registration: No

BGCI Member: Yes

About the The Harris Garden

TAXA: 1,600 (5,000 accessions, 25,000 plants)

Main Address:
The Harris Garden
Plant Science Laboratories
United Kingdom

Telephone: 01734 875123
Primary Email:

Staff Details

  • Director's Name: Prof. Philip John
    Curator's Name: R.W. Rutherford
    Plant Records Officer's Name: Dr Stephen L. Jury

About the Garden

  • Institution Type: Botanic Garden
  • Date founded: 1972
  • Physical Data
  • Latitude: 51.437512
    Longitude: -0.938189

Features and Facilities

Plant Collections

  • Special Collections:Umbelliferae, Compositae of wild provenance, Iridaceae, Liliaceae, Amaryllidaceae, Geraniaceae, Crassulaceae, Labiatae, Fagaceae, Scrophulariaceae, Palmae, Asclepiadaceae, Droseraceae, Nepenthaceae, Sarraceniaceae, Lentibulariaceae, Leguminosae, Pinaceae.

Conservation Programmes

Research Programmes

Education Programmes

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The International Plant Exchange Network (IPEN)

IPEN is a registration system open for botanic gardens that adopt a common policy (Code of Conduct) regarding access to genetic resources and sharing of the resulting benefits.