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BGCI Projects in Jordan - Current

  • Development of the Royal Botanic Garden

Since 2004, BGCI has been has working in Jordan in support of the establishment of the first botanic garden of the Hashemite Kingdom. Conceived by Her Royal Highness, HRH, Princess Basma bint Ali, the site for the development of the Royal Botanic Garden (RBG), Jordan, was officially inaugurated on behalf of His Majesty, King Abdullah, by HRH Prince Faisal Bin Al-Hussein in 2005.

With the completion of the masterplan in late 2007, the RBG is currently in the design phase.

Some 40 km away from the bustling capital Amman, at the site of Tel Al-Rumman, the RBG will feature the main four floral elements of the region in an areas of approximately 180 ha. Focussing on the conservation of the native flora, the botanic garden also strives to become a major centre of scientific research, education and recreation to achieve a better understanding and appreciation of Jordan’s botanical heritage.
To enhance plant conservation action in the region, BGCI assists in the development of a regional network of botanic gardens including the countries of the Middle East, Arabian Peninsula and North Africa. The Royal Botanic Garden of Jordan is coordinating efforts to institutionalize the regional network through providing the network’s secretariat.