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BGCI in Jordan


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IUCN Arabian Plant Specialist Group
The Arabian Plant Specialist Group (APSG) is a collective of botanists and conservation scientists in the Arabian countries. It is dedicated to the conservation and systematic studies of plant life in the region. The site is full of information on botany and conservation in the Arab countries.

Join BGCI in Protecting Plants for the Planet
BGCI is a membership organisation. We have institutional and individual members around the world. You can join us in our global efforts to ensure plants are protected from the many threats facing them today and get some great benefits.
Rare Jordanian Plant Prints
Bruce Pearson has produced this fine art limited edition woodcut while visiting the new Botanic Garden in Jordan. It features Black Iris (Iris petrana) and wild Tulip (Tulipa agenensis). Ten prints have been donated by the artist to raise funds for BGCI - act now to secure yours.