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The Eurasian region holds a tremendous plant diversity with thousands of plant species recorded to date. Yet the ecosystems in this region such as fragile deserts, are under increasing pressure. BGCI is working to resolve these problems by working with local and national partners.

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14 January 2008

Jordanian Princess visits London on an official visit to thank HSBC for their kind support in the setting up of the Royal Jordanian Botanic Garden.

15 October 2007

At the behest of the Sultan of Oman, staff from the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh are to establish one of the largest botanic gardens ever created in the Arabian desert.

27 March 2007

Representatives from Arab nations are participating in a BGCI-led conference on botanic gardens this week, at which HRH Princess Basma bint Ali expressed hopes of safeguarding 'botanical heritage for future generations. The meeting is a key moment for developing new botanic gardens in the region.

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Rare Jordanian Plant Prints
Bruce Pearson has produced this fine art limited edition woodcut while visiting the new Botanic Garden in Jordan. It features Black Iris (Iris petrana) and wild Tulip (Tulipa agenensis). Ten prints have been donated by the artist to raise funds for BGCI - act now to secure yours.
Great Botanic Gardens of the World
Join Sara Oldfield on this panoramic perspective on the history and current contributions of the world's major botanic gardens. Lavishly illustrated, sales of this book support BGCI's work.