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Zoo Educator Resources

This area is dedicated to providing zoo educators, and other living institution educators, information and resources about plants.

Here you will find

  • case studies
  • successful examples of how plants have been incorporated into many zoo education programmes
  • resources
  • how-to guides
  • useful facts and figures
  • inspiration
  • links
  • details of the international legislation which is backing the whole thing up.

The reason this has been put together is that it seems as if more and more educators are using habitats and ecosystems in their programmes, using a holistic approach to environmental education, but feel less confident about using plants than animals.

Whether this is due to a perceived lack of knowledge, experience or ideas about plants, this site aims to make it easier to use plant themes and information in your programmes. If there is anything in particular you would like to see here, please get in contact with us at

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