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Roots Education Review

Roots 8:1 front cover

Roots, the education review for botanic gardens, has been produced biannually since 1990. So far, over 29 editions, it has covered topics such as teacher training, interpretation, research and education for sustainability.

Each edition includes a trilingual editorial, resources section and summaries of each article.

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Roots: Issues 3.1 - date

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We've archived all Roots back issues online so you can browse for items of interest by year and print off articles of interest. Each article is linked to relevant gardens and other relevant content on the site so you can explore, make contacts and find out more about your subject.


Roots Previous Issues: 7-27; 1.1 - 2.2

Roots, the education review for botanic gardens, has been produced biannually since 1990. We've archived earlier editions here in PDF format so you can get the full back issue including all the diagrams and photos, reviews and editorial.


International Diploma in Botanic Garden Education
BGCI and RBG Kew offer an international diploma course in education for botanic garden staff. Participants will learn education skills and strategies to get their message across effectively to varied audiences. The emphasis is on interactive learning.
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Roots is a bi-annual international education review and essential reading for anyone working in the area of environmental education. Content is in English, French and Spanish. You can receive your own personal copy hot off the press, with the BGCI Education Pack. Click the pic to find out how...