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Garlands for Glory

7 October 2011

Children around the world will be giving an ancient athletic tradition a contemporary environmental twist when they design a wreath for the champions of today. Launched at the UK's House of Lords on Wednesday 5th October, Plant Champions is an innovative biodiversity competition challenging thousands of children worldwide to create a wreath fit for an athlete.

Inspired by London 2012, Botanic Gardens Conservation International and the Fairchild Challenge are offering children aged 11-19 a unique opportunity to learn about the importance of plant diversity while having fun and being connected to the largest sporting event on earth.

Students will be asked to research plants that represent their country’s biodiversity and select those that could be woven together to produce a stunning wreath. They can use different parts of plants including flowers, leaves, fruits or twigs. Botanic gardens worldwide are running the competition with their local schools and are encouraging children to provide them with: 

a) a list of plants, including Latin names, used in their wreath
b) a rationale (500 words) for their selection of plants with at least one plant having a conservation message
c) a one-sentence conservation message related to one of the selected plants and;
d) a colour photograph of their wreath, worn on the head of, or held by, the student.

The best pictures will be displayed in London during London 2012.

Download the press release for the launch here

Find out more about Plant Champions here and see some images from the launch event here.



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