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The Global Strategy for Plant Conservation and Education

The Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC) is a document outlining 16 targets through which the ultimate aim of halting the current and continuing loss of plant diversity can be achieved.  It is a plan to save the world’s plant species

The strategy’s mission is to ‘be a tool to enhance the ecosystem approach for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and focus on the vital role of plants in the structure and functioning of ecological systems’ (GSPC 2002). 

Target 14 of the GSPC focuses educators on the inclusion of plants (their conservation, diversity and importance) in environmental education.  Creating active support for plant conservation by empowering the general public through increased knowledge, appreciation and understanding of plants is a vital aspect of the GSPC.

The Target is: “The importance of plant diversity and the need for its conservation incorporated into communication, educational and public-awareness programmes.”

Over the past two years, a series of consultations have taken place on Target 14, involving stakeholders in plant education around the world.

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Aims and targets of the GSPC 


Consultations on Target 14 of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation


The role of educators in the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation


Plants 2020 – the website for the Global Partnership for Plant Conservation, includes information on partners, national strategies and news about the GSPC


A paper on the GSPC has been produced for discussion at the SBSTTA meeting in Paris, July 2007.  This can be downloaded from the CBD website.  There are five or six side events on the GSPC at the meeting – including one organized by BGCI on the GSPC and climate change. 


Botanic Garden and Zoo Educators already support the GSPC and Target 14

Questionnaires completed by educators from zoos and botanic gardens in the UK on the relevance of their own work to the GSPC demonstrates the importance of education in fulfilling the aims and objectives of the GSPC



The GSPC - A Plan to Save the World's Plant Species

Working through a unique partnership of international and national organisations, Parties, other Governments and NGOs, the 'Convention on Biological Diversity' has developed a "Global Strategy for Plant Conservation". Botanic gardens are getting involved and BGCI is a key player in the partnership.


Plant Conservation Books
BGCI's aStore presents books grouped by theme, in this case you can browse books on Plant Conservation - all in one place. Not only that, but all your purchases generate income for BGCI, so we can continue to support vital plant conservation efforts in the world's botanic gardens.
Target 14: Communicating the Importance of Plant Diversity
This PDF leaflet is for raising awareness about Target 14 of the GSPC. A crucial element of conservation is educating the public and communicating the importance of plants. The leaflet is free to download and print yourself, or you can contact BGCI to discuss distribution of large batches.
The Global Partnership for Plant Conservation brings together international, regional and national organisations in order to contribute to the implementation of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC). This site is full of resources for anyone wanting to help meet the targets.