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What are other educators doing to support the GSPC? - Target 10

Target 10: Management plans in place of at least 100 major alien species that threaten plants, plant communities and associated habitats and ecosystems.

Have you invited guest speakers to talk about using native plants in the domestic garden to prevent alien invasion or produced information leaflets/ website contents about invasives and the associated problems?


Interpretation on ‘Islands in Danger’ exhibit, illustrating the threat to biodiversity.
Presenter talks over the summer – highlighted problem with aliens, called ‘Alien Invasion’
Liz Marrs, Chester Zoo

'Wildlife in garden', talks and Devon Wildlife Trust walks.
Sarah Chesters, RHS Rosemoor

Produce a series of leaflets (conservation and environmental) available to the public. One of which is about ‘alien species’
Royal Horticultural Society

Water lettuce and water hyacinth in garden used to illustrate invasive species problem
Dr Neil Paterson, University of Dundee Botanic Garden

We take lengths when producing our seed list to ensure that we are not responsible for introducing potential alien invasive weed species
Louise Allen, University of Oxford Botanic Garden

We have cooperated with the Cornish Knotweed forum at our nursery to assist research on control methods
Sue Minter, Eden Project

We have hosted talks from local authority officers working on Japanese knotweed control.
Trevor Roach, National Botanic Gardens, Wales

Raise awareness about alien invasions during events such as national science week.
Christine Preston, University of Cambridge Botanic Gardens

‘Wild plants for gardeners’ course promotes use of British native flora in gardens.
Do newspaper articles and interviews on giant hogweed etc
Karen Van Oostrum University of Cambridge Botanic Gardens

Mention alien species in information sheets and during talks to groups. Volunteer guides trained in some issues
Gail Bromley, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew