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What are other educators doing to support the GSPC? - Target 2

Target 2: A preliminary assessment of the conservation status of all known plant species, at national, regional and international levels.

Are you or do you facilitate your audience groups to get involved in local plant survey work, e.g. talks and guided walks? Does the education department host talks by researchers or field workers?


RHS botanists take staff and public on guided walks of wild plants in garden
Royal Horticultural Society

Course in plant recognition taught in our botanic garden
Dr Neil Paterson, University of Dundee Botanic Garden

We advise and consult with Glasgow University and the Glasgow Natural History Society who are both collecting data on all plants within Glasgow
Louise Bustard, Glasgow Botanic Gardens

At the arboretum we are carrying out a biodiversity assessment of the meadow and woodland measuring its conservation status
Louise Allen, University of Oxford Botanic Garden

Working with English Nature on local Biodiversity Action Plan for Cornwall
Sue Minter, Eden Project

Interpretation and research on our own conservation land. Small number of conservation research programmes in partnerships with University of Wales and Museum of Wales.
Trevor Roach, National Botanic Gardens Wales

Supports local BAP (Biodiversity Action Plan)
Christine Preston, University of Cambridge Botanic Garden

Runs course on British wildflowers (limestone mound, fen garden) and major families e.g. Rosacea, Compositae, Labiaceae etc. Flowering plants systematics course. Garden arborists conducting veteran trees survey
Karen Van Oostrum, University of Cambridge Botanic Garden

Guided tours of the UK biodiversity
School programme on British flora
Gail Bromley, RBG Kew

Tours, some tailor made, school age, range delivered up to higher ages
Julia Welchmann, RBG Kew

Garden tours and academic staff lead talks and walks in local area
Mandy Tulloch, University of Aberdeen, Cruickshank Botanic Garden