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What are other educators doing to support the GSPC? - Target 13

Target 13: The decline of plant resources, and associated indigenous and local knowledge, innovations and practices that support sustainable livelihoods, local food security and health care, halted.

Does your site have involvement in projects documenting local knowledge e.g. stories, games, songs, poems, uses and history of local people’s interaction with plants. Do you get involved with training courses to encourage sustainable livelihoods?


A community project with Asian women and other groups to document use of plants, e.g. tea sugar, medicines, for interpretation. Culture on line web project with schools involvement.
Gail Bromley, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Involvement in Ethnomedica project
Information gathering with respect to home herb usage.
Michael Holland, Chelsea Physic Garden

Involved with local groups surveying the local flora, as well as Scottish Natural Heritage
Louise Bustard, Glasgow Botanic Gardens

Our coppice will be used by local craftspeople
Louise Allen, University of Oxford Botanic Garden

Exhibits to showcase the livelihood issue by including people and trade issues more that most botanic gardens.
Local knowledge – working with Ethnomedica to collect local medicinal plant use.
Myth and folklore exhibit.
Sue Minter, Eden Project

Schools programmes, sense of place, local artists, story tellers, special events, working with local schools
Pam Horton, Eden Project

Promoting ‘Welsh culture, tradition and language’ is an intrinsic goal for our national botanical garden
Trevor Roach, National Botanic Gardens, Wales

Interpretation boards around certain exhibits
Presenter talks – 'Talking Plants' have highlighted local peoples' interaction with plants.
Liz Marrs, Chester Zoo

School topics, folklore talks
Sarah Chesters, RHS Rosemoor

Events such as Apple Day & Genetics Garden showcase traditional crops and development
Christine Preston, University of Cambridge Botanic Gardens

Fen display and interpretation. Yellow flag basketry course (traditional endangered form of basketry), willow basketry courses. ‘Biosphere in the balance’ drama production for families, general public and school children.
Karen Van Oostrum University of Cambridge Botanic Gardens