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Education for climate change

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Educación para el cambio climático - download these resources in Spanish



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Voice your Choice  - the future of the environment is in your hands!

Run a class project on climate change with this groundbreaking new ready-to-go teaching resource guaranteed to engage Key Stage 2 and 3 students on the importance of plants in the fight against climate change.


 teaching resources

8 new teaching activities on plants and climate change

Use these case study based activities and games to illustrate the links between plants, humans, animals and climate change.  Includes learning intentions, resources and links to National Curriculum subjects.


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What have plants go to do with climate change? 

Download a Powerpoint presentation to find the answers.

Download a ready-to-go, slide-by-slide script of the Powerpoint presentation.


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BGCI and The Fairchild Challenge

Check out this amazing competition!  

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Take a look at the inspiring cartoon challenge from last year.





A climate change botanic garden tour - create a climate change trail in your garden.

Download the resource



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Plants and climate change: which future?

Get the original report



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External links for communicating about climate change

Loads of useful links for climate change education




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This education for climate change portal was generously supported by The Ernest Cook Trust.