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What are other educators doing to support the GSPC? - Target 1

Target 1: A widely accessible working list of known plant species, as a step towards a complete world flora.

For example, maybe you have programmes about databases, or train students in database techniques. Do you work with taxonomists or talk about the importance of their work for conservation? Does the education department work with research scientists in a science communication programme?

Horticultural trainees are taught to use BGBASE (plant database)
Royal Horticultural Society

Horticultural students use BGBASE
Dr Neil Paterson, University of Dundee Botanic Garden

A 2004 student from Reading University collated the national collection of begonias and all other collections of begonias in Europe onto a database
Louise Bustard, Glasgow Botanic Gardens

We grow lupins for a researcher in the department of plant science who is producing a monograph of lupins which will contribute to the working list of all species
Louise Allen, Oxford Botanic Garden

We train staff and students in BGBASE
Sue Minter, Eden Project

Staff and trainees receive training on use of BGBASE. Garden superintendent trains undergraduates on use of searchable database.
Karen Van Oostrum, University of Cambridge Botanic Garden

Plant database is the responsibility of plant records officer
Staff training is in place
Database for collection, in the longer term – policy for making this accessible for public
Christine Preston, Cambridge Botanic Garden

Identification course for professionals
Short taxonomy tasters for public
Kew running target1, information for publication and interpretation
Gail Bromley, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Web based database in progress
Mandy Tulloch, University of Aberdeen, Crickshank Botanic Garden