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8 teaching activities

Drawing on case studies from the Plants and climate change: which future? report we developed 8 teaching activities for Key Stage2, Key Stage 3 and GCSE level available to download for free below. 

Each engaging activity contains learning intentions, resources and links to National Curriculum subjects.

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Each download is a bundle of Teacher material plus Student material.  Each download is under 1MB.

1)   'Talking graphs' for KS3 and GCSE  - encourage students to consider energy use in different countries.  Get the activity 

2)   'Competitive nature'  KS2 and 3  - consider how plants compete with each other for natural resources.  Get the game 

3)   'Where have the fish gone?'  KS2 and 3 - discover why there are no fish in the Akosombo Dam.  Get this game

4)   'Alpine plants in trouble'  KS2 and 3 - where can alpine plants move to as the climate changes?  Get the activity

5)   'Close encounters with trees' KS2 and 3 - get students aware of the links between weather and trees.  Get this one

6)   'Blooming early'  KS2 and 3 - explore why flowers are blossoming early and the implications of this.  Get this activity

7)   'The life of trees'  KS2 and 3 - investigate the functions and importance of trees.  Get this investigative activity

8)   'Causes and effects'  KS2 and 3 - see the links between plants, climate change and us.  Get this one


teaching activity sheet


Download all 8 teaching activities in one PDF (3.09 MB)


Read the background case studies

Read the full original report


Teaching activities developed by Dr Glenys Owen-Jones 


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