Botanic Gardens Conservation International
BGCI provides a global voice for all botanic gardens, championing and celebrating their inspiring work. We are the world's largest plant conservation network, open to all. Join us in helping to save the world's threatened plants.

Web Resources

A Goodman communications consultants

    - communications consulting firm that helps public interest groups, foundations and progressive businesses reach more people more effectively

BGCI Climate change report

    - report filling the current gap in literature on how plants are being affected by climate change

BGCI medicinal plants report

    - the findings of a year-long investigation into the state of medicinal plants around the world in a new report

Climate change controversies: A Simple Guide

    - an overview of the current state of scientific understanding of climate change to help non-experts understand

Climate Change ~ local and global: an enquiry approach

    - a learner-centred, enquiry approach to climate change

David Suzuki Foundation

    - an excellent introduction to climate change and regular updates of the latest news and reports on the topic

Earth: A graphic look at the state of the Planet (Wall Chart)

    - a detailed and colourful wall chart summarising environmental issues

Ecotourism Australia Association

    - identifies ecotourism criteria such as interpretation, environmental sustainability, contribution to conservation, community partnerships, benefits to communities and cultural components

Enchanted Learning

    - a website producing fun educational websites and games

Environmental News Network

    - well-stocked website with excellent daily updates, an image library, resources, commentary on current issues, news from not-for-profits and companies and links to Environmental News Radio and video

European Environmental Toolkit for Citizens

    - a database of education and communication resources, developed by the European Union, that aims to encourage environmentally-friendly behaviour

Fruitipedia: Encyclopedia of Edible Fruits of the World

    - an encyclopedia of all fruits of the world easily translated into a number of different languages

International zoo educators association 

    - an e-newsletter giving access to new zoo-related stories and lists job vacancies

Interpscan – An Association for Heritage Interpretation

    - professional association of heritage interpreters

Linnaean Society, UK

    - the world's oldest biological society, publishes scientific journals, a newsletter and the latest biological findings

National Center on Accessibility

    - programme designed to promote access for people with disabilities in recreational activities

National Geographic Centre for Sustainable Desinations

    - aimed at tourism professionals their goal is to encourage everyone, whether resident, visitor, or professional, to conduct tourism in a way that supports the geographical character of the place being visited

National Review of Environmental Education and its Contribution to Sustainability (ARIES)

    - review assessesing current environmental education practice in Australia and identifies the needs across the various sectors

Order from Chaos: Linnaeus Disposes

    - on-line exhibition includes details of the science of taxonomy, its history, the role of Linnaeus and the legacy of Linnaeus’ work

Planet Ark – Reuters Daily World Environment News

    - one of the world’s biggest online environmental news services

Rainforest Alliance

    - has an excellent education section with lots of downloadable resources, lesson plans etc.


    - Red List of Threatened Species produced by the IUCN Species Survival Commission

Research Councils UK Evaluation: Practical Guidelines

    - a clear and east to use guide to some of the techniques and methods for evaluation

Seed to Seed: Food Gardens in Schools

    - a new book encouraging gardening and growing food in schools

Setting up and running a school garden: A manual for teachers, parents and communities

    - a manual addressing school gardens on a global scale

Science Development Network

    - a weekly news update on science and technology in the developing world

Share-net, Environmental Education Networking

    - a networking group which develops, publishes and sells materials to support environmental education

The International Ecotourism Society

    - world’s largest and oldest ecotourism organisation dedicated to generating and disseminating information about ecotourism

The Natural History Museum

    - the evolution section of the website has news, information on evolutionary theory and even games to help explain how evolution works

The National Linnaeus Secretariat

    - information on his life and work as well as upcoming exhibitions

The Ramsar Convention on wetlands CEPA prgogramme – Wetland Education Centres

    - useful information about the Wetland Link International (WLI) network in English, French and Spanish

Understanding Evolution

    - this website offers a good general introduction to evolution as well as more advanced but understandable courses

Up In Smoke: Threats from, and responses to, the impact of global warming on human development

    - a report with a range of insights into what is at threat from climate change and what we might be able to do to avert these threats

Water for life Decade – 2005 - 2015

    - a United Nations website with useful teaching materials

Wild About Play

    - a networking project based in South West England to support, develop and promote environmental play

Zoo Outreach Organization

    - useful resources for educators includes interactive links that take you to documents on interpretation and conservation