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Teaching materials for young children aged 1-11

Climate Change ~ local and global: an enquiry approach
    - a learner-centred, enquiry approach to climate change

Discussing Global Issues: Water - a right or a commodity?
    - a UNICEF resource to build young people's knowledge on local and global issues

Earth: A graphic look at the state of the Planet (Wall Chart)
    - a detailed and colourful wall chart summarising environmental issues

Enchanted Learning
    - a website producing fun educational websites and games

Learning for sustainable living in Kenya
    - a resource book for young children exploring issues of sustainable development

Learning science outside the classroom
    - a book demonstrating informal non-classroom based learning

Nature’s Playground: Activities, crafts and games to encourage children to get outdoors
    - a guide to introducing children to the great outdoors through fun activities in nature

Rainforest Alliance
    - has an excellent education section with lots of downloadable resources, lesson plans etc.

Seed to Seed: Food Gardens in Schools
    - a new book encouraging gardening and growing food in schools

Setting up and running a school garden: A manual for teachers, parents and communities
    - a manual addressing school gardens on a global scale

Share-net, Environmental Education Networking
    - a networking group which develops, publishes and sells materials to support environmental education

The Tree of Knowledge (Spanish)
    - a new education pack produced by the Xiitbal neek Botanic Garden in Mexico

The Water Hole
    - a story, art and puzzle book depicting water as the key to all life

Water for life Decade – 2005 - 2015
    - A United Nations website with useful teaching materials