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Women and Plants: Gender Relations in Biodiversity Management and Conservation

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This book explores the importance of women and gender relations in plant genetic resource management and conservation through case studies derived from Latin America, Asia, Africa, Europe and North America.  It provides an overview of the concepts, relationships and contexts explaining the gender dimensions of people-plant relations.

The contributors come from a range of disciplines including ethnobotany, geography, agronomy, anthropology, plant breeding, nutrition and development economics. They demonstrate how vital women are to plant biodiversity management and conservation at household, village, and community levels; and how gender relations have a strong influence on the ways in which local people understand, manage, and conserve biodiversity.

Knowledge on gender and plant biodiversity management and conservation is essential for determining the parameters for policies and interventions.  This book contributes to this knowledge and serves to empower people who want and need to know more.

Howard, P. (2003) Woman and Plants: Gender Relations in Biodiversity Management and Conservation.  Zed Books, UK. Tel: 44 (0) 20 7837 4014. ISBN. 1 84277 157 4.