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Ecotourism A Guide for Planners and Managers

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Some botanic garden institutions are considering their potential in ecotourism; however, they are not always aware of the planning and management processes that are required.  Lindberg et al’s guide to ecotourism uses examples from around the globe to demonstrate good practice in ecotourism, and highlight ways to implement ecotourism principles in the field.  The chapters cover important ecotourism issues such as planning, preparing guidelines, maximising economic benefits, managing visitors, designing low impact facilities, increasing community participation and ensuring community benefits.

Lindberg, K., Hawkins, D.E. (1993) Ecotourism A Guide for Planners and Managers Volume 1.  The Ecotourism Society, North Bennington, Vermont, USA.  ISBN0-9636331-0-4 (Volume 1) 0-9636331-3-9 (Volume 2)