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BBC Wildlife Magazine

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Wildlife is the only monthly magazine of its kind in the UK. Its features on wildlife stories, campaigns, photography and travel are written by familiar names and are often illustrated with stunning images.

Two sections at the front of the magazine are those that are most useful to those in conservation education and are international with their coverage. ‘News of the Earth’ often reports on levels of biodiversity, wildlife trades, habitat destruction and protection, introduced species, the over-harvesting of natural resources and climate change. ‘Discoveries’ summarises more scientific news from journals such as Nature and Science and allows one to update their natural history knowledge in just a few minutes.

Each month, an emphasis on the particular time of year is given with hints on spotting seasonal wildlife. The letters and questions pages are always an interesting read and are a fun way to widen knowledge. Latest editions have included pocket identification guides on subjects such as ‘Spiders of the British Isles’ and ‘British Orchids’.

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