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Dr Art’s Guide to Planet Earth

Dr arts guideto planet earth image 

This beautifully presented and colourful book covers the three major cycles of the global ecosystem: matter, energy and life.  Suitable for children aged 12 and above, the book is also a fascinating read for adults.   Dr Art’s Guide to Planet Earth leads readers through the basis of life on earth, examines environmental issues, including extinctions, climate change and the ozone layer.   It helps answer one of the most important questions of the twenty-first century: Can all of us live well on our planet without damaging the whole Earth system?  This very user-friendly reference and teaching tool is also complemented by a website,, which includes ideas for activities, lesson plans and animations to further illustrate key points within the book.

Sussman, A. (2000), Dr Art’s Guide to Planet Earth.  Chelsea Green, ISBN 1-890132-73-X.