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Earth: A graphic look at the state of the Planet (Wall Chart)

 Earth Poster
This detailed and colourful wall chart has been produced by The Global Education Project, a Canadian NGO.  It provides a graphical summary of a wide range of environmental issues; from climate change and species extinctions to debt, population, and food supply. The poster uses information from the United Nations, official government agencies, academic sources, and NGOs.  The huge amount of data it contains could be the basis for many education sessions. Use the website to preview the charts and written descriptions of some of the topics covered.

ISBN 0-9731864-2-9. The Global Education Project, PO Box 241 Mansons Landing, BC, V0P 1K0, Canada or through their website The wall chart is 67.5cm X 90cm in size and is available folded (US$15.95) or laminated (US$29.50) plus postage and packing.