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The Atlas of Water: Mapping the Global Crisis in Graphic Facts and Figures

the atlas of water image 

The Atlas of Water is an additional volume in Earthscan’s successful and useful series ‘State of the World Atlases’.  By providing a clear overview of the key aspects of the global water situation, the colourful and easy to understand maps, dotted with fascinating sound bites, create an invaluable reference and source material for any educator designing a programme on water.  The authoritative text is detailed enough to provide a good level of understanding, with full references, additional source materials and tables of facts and figures.  The content examines uses and abuses of water in the home, industry, agriculture, power, water and health, droughts and floods, environmental issues, water and conflict and how we can conserve supplies for the future.

Robin Clarke and Jannet King, 2004
Myriad Editions Ltd
Earthscan, London
ISBN-10: 1844071332
ISBN-13: 978-1844071333