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The Tree of Knowledge (Spanish)

The construction of knowledge and development of a creative, critical human being, with responsibility for the planet is like the growth of a tree.  This is the thinking behind a new education pack produced by the Xiitbal neek Botanic Garden in Mexico.  The pack (in Spanish) contains three booklets, a pictorial representation of a ‘tree of knowledge’ (which explains the conceptual framework of the project) and a colourful poster aimed at preschool, primary and secondary school teachers.  The booklets offer a wide range of activities that are linked to the Mexican National Curriculum and centred within the Education for Sustainable Foundations. Focusing on environmental themes, the activities can be carried out in any botanic garden, green space and school garden as well as a classroom.  

Jardín Botánico Regional Xíitbal neek’, Mexico, 2008, Available for the cost of postage and packing.  Contact Verónica Franco-