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The Kiwi's Egg: Charles Darwin and Natural Selection

The Kiwi's Egg 

If you have ever wondered who Darwin was and what he said, then this book is an excellent read.   Evolution, during the early nineteenth century, was an idea in the air. Other thinkers had suggested it, but no one had proposed a convincing explanation for how evolution occurs.  In September 1838, Charles Darwin hit upon the idea that 'natural selection' among competing individuals would lead to adaptations and species diversity. However, it took another 21 years until The Origin of Species was published. Drawing from Darwin's secret 'transmutation' notebooks and his personal letters, David Quammen has sketched a colourful life portrait of the man whose work continues to be controversial.

David Quammen, 2008, 304pp, paperback, Orion Publishing Group, ISBN 9780753823507.