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How-to Guides for Education in Botanic Gardens

Easy-to-follow guidelines for developing an education programme

BGCI has worked with many botanic garden educators through producing guidelines, running training courses and congresses. We are often asked by brave souls setting up a new garden or by educators who want to review their existing programmes how to go about it. Below are a series of links to BGCI and other organisation's frameworks designed to help develop various aspects of botanic garden education. If you have developed your own guidelines, do let us know - we would enjoy sharing educator's own experiences of setting up programmes on the website.

How to........

Develop an environmental education strategy for your garden (PDF 30KB)

Decide on educational approaches

Run an education programme

Develop an education for sustainable development strategy for your garden

Use your garden as a model for sustainability

Plan an interpretation programme

Use themes with interpretation

Plan a guided walk

Develop and make interpretive signs

Plan a self guided trail

Orient your visitors

Run an exhibition

Create a lesson plan

Make your programmes compatible with health and safety

Use the horticultural collection for education

Suggestions for additional topics for the 'How to' guides are very welcome.


The PDFs are taken from the BGCI publications:

Environmental Education in Botanic Gardens: Guidelines for developing individual strategies

Education for Sustainable Development: Guidelines for action in botanic gardens

Plus, the SABONET publication

Making your garden come alive! Environmental Interpretation in Botanic Gardens