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Environmental Education Associations

There are environmental education associations based all over the world.

Set up for networking, sharing ideas and opportunities, they can be a great way of sourcing tools, training and support for your education programme.

If you are a member of another EE network, let us know and we will include it on the list.

Web Links: Education in Botanic Gardens

We've compiled these links to online educational resources relating to plants, conservation, and site-based activities.



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Council for Environmental Education (U.S)
Each year CEE's benchmark programs provide materials and training for more than 50,000 educators, who reach millions of young people with essential information about conservation and the environment.

National Association of Humane and Environmental Education (USA)
Humane Society - Youth educates young people about kindness and respect for all animals and their natural habitats, activate youth in efforts to protect animals, and provide teaching materials, professional development, and other support to teachers and humane educators.

New Zealand Association for Environmental Education
NZAEE provides a network and framework to promote environmental education initiatives in New Zealand; and to encourage and promote environmental education training for formal and informal sectors.

The Environmental Association of Southern Africa
The role of EEASA is to support environmental education in southern Africa. It provides opportunities for the exchange of ideas and opinions on environmental education through its publications, the annual conference and workshops, and the activities of working groups in the regions.

Ontario Association for Geographical and Environmental Education
This site is fill of info on geography, directed at a Canadian audience.

Association for Outdoor and Environmental Education
The AEOE supports and inspires educators in their quest for the knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential to help all learners understand, appreciate and care for their environment. As an integral part of achieving our mission, we encourage direct experience outdoors.

Korea Environmental Education Association
This website is in Korean.

North American Association for Environmental Education
NAAEE is the professional association for environmental education in the US. Join our network of people who believe in teaching people how to think about the environment, not what to think.

IVN Association for Environmental Education (Dutch)
IVN actief voor natuur, milieu, landschap en leefomgeving. De website biedt informatie over de activiteiten van de Vereniging voor Natuur-en milieu-educatie en de Stichting IVN. Bijvoorbeeld over de excursies van IVN-afdelingen, waarbij natuurliefhebbers van harte welkom zijn.

Australian Association for Environmental Education (AAEE)
AAEE is a forum for professionals working in Environmental or Sustainabilty Education to come together, network and share their knowledge and expertise. It also represents the environmental education fraternity in national debates and discussions.

Centre for Environment Education (CEE)
CEE is a national institution that develops programmes and materials to increase environmental awareness. Established in 1984, as a Centre of Excellence, CEE is supported by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. of India, and affiliated to the Nehru Foundation for Development.

National Association for Environmental Education
The NAEE is a network of environmental teachers and lecturers, and all responsible for the delivery of environmental education in schools. The Association works with a range of partners and government. We also produce the Environmental Education journal for members.

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Find out what's going on in education in botanic gardens around the world.
International Diploma in Botanic Garden Education
BGCI and RBG Kew offer an international diploma course in education for botanic garden staff. Participants will learn education skills and strategies to get their message across effectively to varied audiences. The emphasis is on interactive learning.
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