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Plants and People Projects

People, Plants and Habitats – a Lifelong Connection

Among the important questions botanical garden educators and conservationists grapple with are 'How can we sensitize and motivate children to care about endangered plants and habitats?' and 'How can we develop a conservation ethic in young children?'



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Plant Cultures
Plants have an important part in our lives, from the clothes on our back to the food that we eat. Plant Cultures invites you to discover more about South Asian plants and the stories they have inspired.

Ethnomedica - Researching the Herbal Remedies of Britain
The project aims to achieve an archive of traditional British plant lore scientifically collected and accessible to everyone from local journalists to medical researchers.

Malaysia Cyber Plant Conservation Project (CPCP)
The Cyber Plant Conservation Project (CPCP) is a school-based project with the aim of making rare trees become common and of contributing to the development of an information-based society. Students plant endangered species and then build complex websites documenting their work.

Saith Ashwani (Ed. 2005) Forests: Nature, People, Power
A collection of papers exploring the complex articulations of local processes and global forces in tropical forest struggles
People and the Planet
The People & the Planet website provides a global gateway to the greatest issue of our time: the future health and wellbeing of the human family as it presses ever more heavily on the natural resources of our planet.