The Proceedings of the Third International Botanic Gardens Conservation Congress


BGCI is now able to announce the publication of the proceedings of the Third International Botanic Gardens Conservation Congress that was held at Rio da Janeiro in 1992.

The history of our efforts at BGCI to publish the proceedings of the Rio '92 Congress has been a long and chequered one. The principal factor in this history has been lack of funding. This lack of funding has forced us to ignore the conventional route of entrusting to a publisher the editing of individual contributions, the compilation of the proceedings as a whole, and the publication in conventional book form. More significantly, it has forced us to consider any and all possible alternatives to the usual publication route.

In the absence of sufficient funds for publication of the proceedings in conventional book form, we have decided to issue the proceedings in three alternative forms. These are:

The proceedings will be the first major item from BGCI to be made available for dissemination via the Internet. These will be ready in the near future. We will tell you in Botanic Gardens Conservation News when they become available; or you can access our Internet home page before the next issue of the News to see them immediately they are put there.

Although the Congress proceedings are not being published in the conventional way, a few complete paper copies will be printed. These copies will be sent to the British Library and the other UK libraries that can demand a free copy of any British publication. This is being done so that the publication of the Congress proceedings will be noticed up by the British national bibliographic network; this is to enable the proceedings to be noted by, and be mentioned in, the appropriate indexing and abstracting journals. It also enables individual articles in the proceedings to be cited in other scientific papers in the normal way.

Finally, the editor offers his thanks to those individuals whose advice and knowledge made possible and smoothed the editorial task: Suzanne Michal, for help with French language material; Eduardo Dalcin, for Portuguese language material; Begoña Aguirre Hudson and Julia Willison, for Spanish language material; and Etelka Leadlay and Peter Wyse Jackson, for their guidance and suggestions for the proceedings as a whole.

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