Affolter, JM & Ceska, JF

The Georgia Plant Conservation Alliance, a Network for Conservation and Collaboration

Ashwell, A

Education Programme Management and Transformation: The Influence of Education for Sustainability.

Atiti, AB

Implementing an education programme at a new botanic garden.

Barendse, D

The Solanaceae germplasm bank at the Botanical Garden of Nijmegen

Bedford, DJ

Changing the paradigm: selling the message "no plants no life".

Birnie, A

Re-developing an old botanic garden collection: the Nairobi Arboretum.

Bray, L

Achievement of new botanic gardens through analysis of existing parts and integration of key assets to fulfill the French-speaking botanic garden charter

Brown, NAC

Propagation of Cape wild flowers from seed: The seed biology research programme at Kirstenbosch

Cappelletti, EM

Conservation of an endangered botanic garden.

Christensen, TJ, Beal, A

Australian Bush Tucker: New crops, new industry

Cochrane, A & Monks, L

Germplasm collection, storage and reintroduction: Important aspects of an integrated strategy for conservation of threatened flora in Western Australia

Cong Khanh, Tran et al

Establishment of a botanic garden for the protection of the plant genetic resources of the Tam Dao National Park, Vietnam

Cortes, J

Assuming the responsibility: integration of conservation in the garden and the community.

Crouch, NR, Hutchings, A

Zulu healer muthi gardens: inspiration for botanic garden displays and community outreach projects

de Moraes LF et al (Pereira)

Atlantic rainforest restoration at Rio de Janeiro Botanic Garden Research Institute.

Dulloo, E

Conserving diversity of wild plant genetic resources: A case study of wild Coffea taxa in the Mascarenes Island

Edwards, ID

Why should the Devil have all the best tunes?

Engels, J

Complementary Conservation Strategies

Fay, MF et al

The application of genetic fingerprinting techniques to plant conservation problems.

Forbes, S

Bench marking in Australian botanic gardens and zoos.

Furnari, F The Multimedia Programme of Cantania Botanical Gardens

Galbraith, D

Articles in the Convention on Biological Diversity pertinent to botanic gardens.

Gomes, MBA

Creating native habitat displays – Faial Botanic Garden, Azores, Portugal.

Gomez - Mejia An International Collaboration for the Colombian Botanic Gardens Network

Gouveia, Maria Theresa de Jesus

Environmental Interpretation Programme AND Environmental Education Programme

Hitchcock, W

Developing teachers’ workshops at Kirstenbosch.

Howarth, F

Evolving strategic plans into action plans to make things happen.

Izidine, S

The status of Botanical Gardens in Mozambique

Jay, JA

Marketing and commercialization at Kirstenbosch.

Johnson, S

The educational value of gardening.

Kiehn, Michael

The CITES workshop

Kiew, R & Chan, L

Habitat management: the strategy to preserve the biodiversity of the Singapore Botanic Gardens Rain Forest

Kirby, E Community Empowerment Through Public Garden Outreach

Koropachinsky, I

Natural hybridization of woody plants in Siberia and promises of use of natural hybrids in introduction and selection.

Krasnoborov, I

The role of Siberian botanical gardens in food security principles development

Lebrun, L

Omaere Park : an ethno-botanical school.

Lehana, SH

Proposed Lesotho National Botanical Garden (LNBG) ....Justification of the Lesotho Hortus Botanicus

LeHir, F & Pierrel, R

The National Botanical Conservatories of France

Leiva, A

Botanic gardens and national sustainable development

Mill, J

The Australian Network for Plant Conservation: Developments since Rio.

Munoz, J

Funding strategies for the establishment of a botanic garden – experience from Argentina.

Oikawa, J

Evolving roles of living plant collections in botanic gardens for biodiversity conservation -- a survey of Japanese botanic gardens

Owusu-Afriyie, G

New roles for old gardens in tropical Africa.

Powrie, F

Maintenance plans as a tool for the management of living collections.

Prance, G

Genuine collaboration – a future key to botanic garden success.

Pushpangadan ,P

Medicinal plants and local communities.

Roff, J & Honig, M

Hands-on effective interpretation -- Making your garden come alive

Sanders, D

Cultural botany: Building bridges

Taylor, RL

Lessons learned: Key principles of botanic garden development

Waldren, S

The flora of Pitcairn Islands and its conservation.

Wilken, D

Research in Conservation Biology at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden: An integrated approach

Willis, CK

SABONET - A regional southern African capacity-building programme

Wyse Jackson, P Building the Botanic Garden Network

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