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Keynote Addresses

Leiva, A

Botanic gardens and national sustainable development

Prance, G

Genuine collaboration – a future key to botanic garden success

Taylor, RL

Lessons learned: Key principles of botanic garden development
Wyse Jackson, P Building the Botanic Garden Network
Conservation Practice    
A.) Conservation Strategies

Cortes, J

Assuming the responsibility: integration of conservation in the garden and the community.

Engels, J

Complementary Conservation Strategies
B.) Ex-situ conservation

Cong Khan, Tran et al

Establishment of a botanic garden for the protection of the plant genetic resources of the Tam Dao National Park, Vietnam

de Moraes LF et al (Pereira)

Atlantic rainforest restoration at Rio de Janeiro Botanic Garden Research Institute.

Gomes, MBA

Creating native habitat displays – Faial Botanic Garden, Azores, Portugal.
C.) In-situ conservation

Dulloo, E

Conserving diversity of wild plant genetic resources: A case study of wild Coffea taxa in the Mascarenes Island

Kiew, R & Chan, L

Habitat management: the strategy to preserve the biodiversity of the Singapore Botanic Gardens Rain Forest

Waldren, S

The flora of Pitcairn Islands and its conservation.

Wilken, D

Research in Conservation Biology at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden: An integrated approach
D.) Botanical Gardens and their Networks Affolter, JM & Ceska, JF The Georgia Plant Conservation Alliance, a Network for Conservation and Collaboration

Izidine, S

The status of Botanical Gardens in Mozambique

LeHir, F and Pierrel, R

The National Botanical Conservatories of France

Oikawa, J

Evolving roles of living plant collections in botanic gardens for biodiversity conservation -- a survey of Japanese botanic gardens

Willis, CK

SABONET - A regional southern African capacity-building programme
E.) Conservation and food plants

Christensen, TJ & Beal, A

Australian Bush Tucker: New crops, new industry

Krasnoborov, I

The role of Siberian botanical gardens in food security principles development
Garden Management and Horticulture    
A.) Developing new gardens

Bray, L

Achievement of new botanic gardens through analysis of existing parts and integration of key assets to fulfill the French-speaking botanic garden charter

Lehana, SH

Proposed Lesotho National Botanical Garden (LNBG) ....Justification of the Lesotho Hortus Botanicus
B.) Maintaining Botanical Gardens

Forbes, S

Bench marking in Australian botanic gardens and zoos.

Powrie, F

Maintenance plans as a tool for the management of living collections.
C.) Old botanical gardens in a new world

Birnie, A

Re-developing an old botanic garden collection: the Nairobi Arboretum.

Cappelletti, EM

Conservation of an endangered botanic garden.

Owusu-Afriyie, G

New roles for old gardens in tropical Africa.
Science and Research    
A.) Science and conservation

Barendse, D

The Solanaceae germplasm bank at the Botanical Garden of Nijmegen

Cochrane, A and Monks, L

Germplasm collection, storage and reintroduction: Important aspects of an integrated strategy for conservation of threatened flora in Western Australia

Fay, MF et al

The application of genetic fingerprinting techniques to plant conservation problems.
B.) Medicinal plants

Crouch, NR, Hutchings, A

Zulu healer muthi gardens: inspiration for botanic garden displays and community outreach projects

Pushpangadan, P

Medicinal plants and local communities.
C.) Reproductive biology

Brown, NAC

Propagation of Cape wild flowers from seed: The seed biology research programme at Kirstenbosch

Koropachinsky, I

Natural hybridization of woody plants in Siberia and promises of use of natural hybrids in introduction and selection.
A.) The Environmental Education milieu

Ashwell, A

Education Programme Management and Transformation: The Influence of Education for Sustainability.

Bedford, DJ

Changing the paradigm: selling the message "no plants no life".

Edwards, ID

Why should the Devil have all the best tunes?
B.) The Botanical Garden as an educational tool

Atiti, AB

Implementing an education programme at a new botanic garden.

Gouveia, M Theresa de Jesus

Environmental Interpretation Programme AND Environmental Education Programme

Johnson, S

The educational value of gardening.

Roff, J & Honig, M

Hands-on effective interpretation -- Making your garden come alive

Sanders, D

Cultural botany: Building bridges
C.) Botanical Gardens case-studies

Lebrun, L

Omaere Park : an ethno-botanical school.

Hitchcock, W

Developing teachers’ workshops at Kirstenbosch.
Policies and Conventions

Galbraith, D

Articles in the Convention on Biological Diversity pertinent to botanic gardens.

Kiehn, M

The CITES workshop
Capacity Building, Development and Funding

Howarth, F

Evolving strategic plans into action plans to make things happen.

Jay, JA

Marketing and commercialization at Kirstenbosch.

Munoz, J

Funding strategies for the establishment of a botanic garden – experience from Argentina.

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