The Multimedia Programme of Cantania Botanical Gardens

Prof. Franceso Furnari

Catania, Italy
Departimento di Botanica

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Although quite small (ca. 15000 m2), the Botanical Gardens of the University of Catania, originally founded by Tornabene in 1858, include such important collections as the succulents, specimens of the Sicilian flora, officinal plants, palms, and others. As befits all Botanical Gardens, Catania Botanical Gardens perform varied functions: they are both a research centre and a museum.

As far back as 1991, a project was initiated, financially supported by the Ministry of University for Scientific and Technological Research, with a view of making visits to Catania Botanical Gardens more profitable and interesting through consultation of specially devised multimedia data.

Easy consultation, extensive records, charming photos are intended to excite the visitors' curiosity; furthermore, such data allow them to arrange their visit according to their individual interests.

My report was delivered with its attendant CD-ROM, meant to show what has been accomplished in Catania thus far. In this connection, I wish to encourage like projects that may be carried out by other BGCI members by means of a co-ordinated programme in which we could actively collaborate. Should this proposal be positively received, an important archive of invaluable documents and photos, accessible to anybody via Internet, could be set up.

A part of the programme concerning Catania Botanical Gardens can be found at the following website:


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