The bitter-sweet taste of chocolate

Marina Hethke

Supported by Volunteers of the Fair-Trade-Movement (Eine Welt Laden e.V.) the Greenhouse for Tropical Crops, Witzenhausen, Germany, offered an education unit for schools about cocoa and its products.

The objectives

Tropical crops are not only interesting because of their botanical and ecophysiological aspects, but also because of their social and political contexts. This program is a first step to increase consciousness and sensibility towards these problems.

Why cocoa?

Nearly everybody loves chocolate – but who knows about the long jouives and problems? Chocolate as a very well known product is a suitable vehicle to catch children's interest concerning the economical and social importance of a tropical plant.

The programme


Even in botanical gardens with limited resources events for schools can be created and carried out. Let's face our task and look for opportunities to enhance environmental education!

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