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Workshop on the Conservation and reintroduction of the endangered species Bretschneidera sinensis Hemsl.

7 October 2008

One of the BGCI China projects ‘Conservation and reintroduction of the endangered species Bretschneidera sinensis Hemsl.’ workshop was held in Nankunshan Provincial Nature Reserve, Longmen County, Guangdong on 23-24 September. About 60 people attended this workshop including BGCI China programme officer Xiangying Wen, specially invited experts from South China Agriculture University (SCAU) Prof. Bingtao Li and Prof. Xueying Zhuang , Prof. Fuwu Xing, Prof. Qingwen Zeng and Dr. Hongfeng Chen from SCBG, graduate students from SCBG and SCAU, leaders from Nankunshan Provincial Nature Reserve, leaders of local community and local residents.  

Participants explored the species Bretschneidera sinensis Hemsl. in Nankunshan Nature Reserve in the afternoon of 23rd, to  further understand its natural distribution, habitat, and conservation status.

 The workshop officially opened in the morning of 24th. In the opening ceremony, Mr. Yingyang Zhang, the director of Nankunshan Nature Reserve, welcome the participant and committed to try to support this project. Xiangying wen briefly introduced BGCI and this project.


Part of Participants Group Photo

Opening ceremony

 The workshop was held with the form of presentation and discussion. Dr. Hongfeng Chen, the leader of this project,  reported the progress of this project and participants discussed how to effectively conserve this species.

The specially invited Magnolia expert, Prof. Qingwen Zeng presented ‘The resources and conservation of horticulture plants in Magnoliaceae’. Dr. Jiuxiang Huang from SCAU talked ‘the development and conservation of the rare and endangered species Tsoongiodendron odorum Chun ’ and another two wonderful presentations.

During the workshop, participants mainly discussed on how to cooperate with local community to protect this species. The participants from local community told us that the local residents have strong sense of protecting plants, not only for Bretschneidera sinensis but also for all plants especially rare and endangered plants in this area.

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