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Workshop report on the Reintrodution of Dipteronia dyeriana

3 September 2008

The workshop on the project ‘Demonstration of Conservation and Reintroduction of Dipteronia dyeriana’ funded by BGCI and National Science and Technology Administration was held in DaWeiShan National Nature Reserve of Pingbian County  from August 22nd-24th 2008. More than 50 participants attended this workshop, including BGCI China Programme Officer, vice director of Pingbian County government, leaders of Pingbian Environment Protection Administration, leaders of Pingbian Forestry Bureau, leaders of Daweishan National Nature Reserve, leaders of Pingbian State-owned Forestry Adminstration, leaders and staff of Pingbian and Pingxiang Forestry Station, protection personnel of Daweishan and local communities. Specially invited famous professor Li Nan from Fairy Lake Botanical Garden to attend this workshop.

At the open ceremony of the workshop, the vice director of Pingbian Government made a welcome speech, Xiangying Wen introduced BGCI to all participants, Ouyang Zhiqin, the leader of this project briefly introduced her project. Because of the hot weather, all participants went to Daweishan in the morning and planted 240 seedlings of Dipteronia dyeriana which were reproduced in Yunnan Introduction and Propagation Centre for Rare & Endangered Plant Species.

 Group photoPlanting 
                            Group photo                   Planting
 Planting Planting
                              Planting                          Planting

In the afternoon, the director of Pingbian Administration Branch of Daweishan National Nature Reserve made a presention of the ‘twenty years of the establishment of Daweishan National Nature Reserve’. Ouyang Zhiqin presented ‘the Conservation Biology of Dipteronia dyeriana’. Prof. Li Nan, an expert of Cycas, made a wonderful presentation on ‘how to save rare and endangered Chinese plants, with the case of Cycas debaoensis’.

After the workshop, we visited the Daweishan National Nature Reserve.

Workshop open ceremony   Prof Li Nan talking Cycas reintroduction

Workshop open ceremony 

 Prof Li Nan talking Cycas reintroduction


“Kunming Base” of Yunnan Introduction and Propagation Centre for Rare & Endangered Plant Species is the only ex situ conservation-based institution founded in Karst areas (mainly for Magnoliaceae) in south China in 1991. The area is 5 ha. With years of experience of introduction, cultivation, propagation and research, we have conserved more than 120 threatened plant species in the centre. Nearly 70 Magnoliaceae, especially those recently found in Yunnan, have been collected and conserved here.

The Daweishan Nature Reserve in Pingbian Miao Autonomous County is a public institution under the leadership of the Forestry Department of Yunnan. Daweishan Nature Reserve is located in the southeast frontier of Yunnan and near to the border of Vietnam and China, close to the original sites of our target species, i.e. Dipteronia dyeriana, Magnolia odoratissima, and Magnolia aromatica. It is 15 kilometres far from Pingbian County site. Daweishan Nature Reserve was opened to public as a provincial scenic and historic interesting area in 1993. It was authorized as a national nature reserve by the State Council in June 2001. It is 30 kilometres long from north to south, and 6 kilometres wide from east to west. The total area is over 43993 hm2. The highest peak is 2365 metres; the second highest point is 2354 metres high, while the lowest altitude is 225 metres. It belongs to the tropical-subtropical ecological type with an annual temperature of 16.5 ℃ and the climate here is described as “flowers bloom in winter, spring stays forever”. There are various types of forestry ecosystems and abundant plants and animals in the reserve. Over 480 nationally protected plant species and over 160 nationally protected animal species live in the reserve and it is reputed as a natural “gene bank of plants and animals”, “the crown of plant kingdom” and a “biological museum”. The reserve is an important place for biodiversity conservation and ecotourism.

Kunming Base of Yunnan Introduction and Propagation Centre for Rare and Endangered Plant Species  Daweishan National Nature Reserve

Kunming Base of Yunnan Introduction and Propagation Centre for Rare and Endangered Plant Species

 Daweishan National Nature Reserve

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